Nipper Studio Supported Devices & System Requirements | Titania

Supported Devices


Cisco ASR (IOS XR)
Cisco Aironet (IOS)*
Cisco Aironet Wireless AP (IOS)
Cisco Catalyst Switches (CatOS)
Cisco Catalyst Switches (IOS)*
Cisco Catalyst Switches (NMP)
Cisco CRS (IOS XR)
Cisco Content Services Switches
Cisco Nexus Appliances*
Cisco Routers (IOS)*
Cisco Routers (IOS XE)
Cisco Routers (IOS XR)
Cisco Security Appliance (ASA)*
Cisco ASA Applicance Contexts*
Cisco Security Appliance (FWSM)
Cisco Security Appliance (PIX)
Cisco PIX Appliance Contexts
Cisco Wireless LAN

Juniper E Series Routers
Juniper EX Series Switches
Juniper IDP Devices
Juniper ISG Firewalls
Juniper J Series Routers
Juniper M Series Routers
Juniper MX Series Routers
Juniper NetScreen Firewalls*
Juniper SA SSL VPN (IVE)
Juniper SA SSL VPN (JunOS Pulse)
Juniper SRX Firewalls*
Juniper SSG Firewalls (JunOS)
Juniper SSG Firewalls (ScreenOS)
Juniper T Series Routers

WatchGuard 2 Series Firewalls
WatchGuard 5 Series Firewalls
WatchGuard 8 Series Firewalls
WatchGuard 1050 Firewalls
WatchGuard 2050 Firewalls
WatchGuard XTMv
WatchGuard XTM 1500*
WatchGuard XTM 2520*
WatchGuard XTM 3 Series*
WatchGuard X Core (XTM)*
WatchGuard X Edge (SS)
WatchGuard X Edge (XTM)*
WatchGuard X Peak (XTM)*

Check Point IP Firewalls
Check Point Firewall Management*
Check Point Power-1 Firewalls*
Check Point VPN-1 Firewalls*
Check Point Appliance*



3COM 4200 Series Switches
3COM 4400 Series Switches
3COM 4500 Series Switches
3COM 5500 Series Switches
3COM SuperStack 3 Firewalls
3COM TippingPoint IDS/IPS

Alteon Switched Firewall (CP)

Arista Routing Switch

Barracuda NetContinuum

Bay Networks Accelar Switches

Blue Coat ProxySG

Brocade BigIron Switch
Brocade FastIron Switch
Brocade NetIron Switch
Brocade ServerIron
Brocade ICX Switch (IronWare)

Crossbeam Firewalls

CyberGuard Firewalls (SecureOS 6)

Dell PowerConnect J EX-Series
Dell PowerConnect J SRX
Dell PowerConnect Switches
Dell SonicWALL NSA
Dell SonicWALL TZ
Dell SuperMassive

Extreme Alpine (ExtremeWare)
Extreme Alpine (XOS)
Extreme BlackDiamond (XOS)
Extreme Summit (ExtremeWare)
Extreme Summit (XOS)


Forcepoint Sidewinder

Fortinet Fortigate Firewalls

Foundry Networks BigIron Switch
Foundry Networks FastIron Switch
Foundry Networks NetIron Switch
Foundry Networks ServerIron

GTA Firewall Appliances

H3C 3600 Series Switches
H3C 5500 Series Switches

HP ComWare Routers
HP JetDirect Print Servers
HP ProCurve Switches

Huawei Quidway Switches (3COM)
Huawei Routers
Huawei CX Series Routers
Huawei Eudemon Series Firewalls
Huawei NE Series Routers

IBM Proventia G Series
IBM Proventia M Series


McAfee Enterprise Firewall
McAfee Sidewinder

Microsoft Forefront

Netfilter IPtables

NETGEAR ProSafe FSM Switches
NETGEAR ProSafe FVS Firewalls

Nokia IP Firewalls (Check Point)

Nortel Contivity Routers
Nortel Ethernet Routing 8k Switch
Nortel Passport 8k Switches
Nortel Switching Firewalls (CP)
Nortel VPN Routers

Palo Alto Firewalls*
Palo Alto Panorama*

Ruggedcom RuggedSwitch

Secure Computing (SecureOS 6)
Secure Computing (SecureOS 7)

SonicWALL Firewall (SonicOS)
SonicWALL NSA (SonicOS Enhanced)
SonicWALL Pro (SonicOS)
SonicWALL Pro (SonicOS Enhanced)
SonicWALL TZ (SonicOS)
SonicWALL TZ (SonicOS Enhanced)

Sophos UTM

*Most popular

If you have any questions or need support when auditing any devices with our tool please get in touch.