SURVEY RESULTS: Are we ready for self-healing systems? | Titania

This year, Cyber Security Professionals at Infosec and RSA Conference took part in an international survey on the industry’s ‘Readiness for Autonomous Self-Healing Systems’. The results are in and…

  1. 'Protecting the organizations reputation and trust' was voted your biggest Enterprise Security challenge,
  2. 90% of people said that 'self-mitigating systems could help de-risk the business they work in', however
  3. More than 60% of respondents said they would need to overcome accuracy concerns in risk identification in order to trust self-mitigating systems.


What’s clear from these results is that more in depth primary research is needed, focusing on the challenges that automated attacks present to infrastructure, businesses and livelihoods. Titania is currently scoping further research with an independent market research agency and if you'd like to include your views - please sign up here >)